Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure (review)


Up until this week, the best thing I’ve seen on an ice rink was when Todd Carty tanked it on the 2009 series of Dancing on Ice.    Closely followed by when ‘Keith Chegwin’ face-planted on the 2013 series.

So, when we got offered tickets to Disney on Ice ‘Passport to Adventure’ I said ‘absolutely’ and jumped at the chan….

..OK fair enough, that’s not true… what I actually said was.. “I’m not going to that.. I don’t even watch skating when its on for the olympics.. I”m not going to enjoy it any more just because one of the skaters is dressed like a massive crab and everybody’s singing ‘Under The Sea’. So, thanks, no thanks.

Then Lyns said, in not so many words.. Charlie will enjoy it, we’re going.. don’t be such a miserable dick.

So we went.

And Charlie did enjoy it.  In fact, he absolutely bloody loved it.  From the moment Nick Wild and Officer Hops from Zootroplis kicked off the whole thing with a dancealong he was absolutely mesmerised.  And he remained that way all the way through to the reproduction of Frozen (the crowd reacting to Olaf’s entrance like it was Bowie at the Hammersmith Apollo in 78′).

The atmosphere was a thing to behold.. kids love this stuff. I mean reeeally love this stuff.  Jacked up on coke and popcorn and brandishing flashy, lighty sticks like they are riding into battle… they go crazy for it.  And Charlie was no different.. he genuinely couldn’t take his eyes off the ice, captivated. And he remained that way for the whole two hours (which for a toddler with the attention span of a cod is just remarkable).


So Charlie enjoyed it.  But, here’s the weird thing… so did I.  Yes Disney gave us the tickets for free, but Mickey hasn’t got a gun to my head as I type this.. I could easily say its crap and there’s nothing the big mouse could do about it.  (If it came to a straight fight I reckon I could take him).

But it was strange to enjoy it so much.  And not just me and Charlie.  We went along as three generations.. Charlie, me and his mum but also his nan.  And that is what Disney does so well.. it spans generations easily.  It’s what makes everything they do such pure, in its bones family entertainment.. and Disney on ice is no different.

The stars of this show are Peter Pan, The little Mermaid, the cast of Frozen and Zootropolis.. That is over sixty years of Disney, and the different eras are brought together in a show that for Charlie had the feel of something new and relevant.. But in me, it conjured nostalgia for a time of pantos and spectacle.  A time when family entertainment wasn’t a competition decided by buzzing X’s or the humiliation of Z-list celebrities.

So, thank you Disney (and Instinct PR) for the tickets.  And if you get the chance to go as a family… go.   You wont get to see ‘Cheggers’ faceplant but you’ll get something better than that.  A proper show.

*strolls away humming ‘Under the Sea’..*


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