Now this is an amazing story…
First baby born to woman with transplanted
uterus from deceased donor

Now THIS is an amazing story. Even if it is accompanied by the usual bonfire-pissing comments about ‘messing with nature’ and ‘playing god’. Fertility science, from IVF to cutting edge stuff like this, is dogged by these attitudes, especially online. You need no licence to use the internet and that means that even those amongst us with brains that function like a potato, are allowed to drag their knuckles along a keyboard in expression of a dim opinion. I don’t know how many of these people would refuse a kidney transplant? Or blood transfusion? Where do they draw their line..? you interfere with nature every time you take a paracetamol or an antibiotic.
But hey, when did these folk ever let reality get in the way of their well thought out and reasoned bullshit. Dopey twonks.

I see it differently. If you’ve been in the position that we found ourselves with Charlie – believing that he would never come – it felt like a door that was always slowly closing. And the pain of that was profound because it never didnt feel like he was standing on the other side. What fertility scientists do is something remarkable. They put a foot against that closing door and say no.. hang on a minute. we might be able to do something about this. And in our case, They did. They fulfilled their promise by gift of Charlie. Dont get me wrong In that moment that we first saw him on a monitor, for us, these people WERE god. The best kind of god, answering prayers kindly. But in hindsight and in reality, they weren’t ‘playing god’ at all. Or ‘messing with nature’. They were just fulfilling the promise of both. They were using the incredible tools (their magnificent brains & dedication) they’d been given by god or nature or evolution to create something incomparably good. And THAT is what I see here. In this story. Something good.

Out of tragedy, science delivers by forceps.. a miracle.

So welcome to earth little trailblazer, your mum went through some stuff for you to get here and I have no doubt she will love you all the more for it. And to those playing god. Keep playing, when the result is this kind of unconditional love ..there’s not a God worth their salt that would mind.

Now this is an amazing story…

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