Man vs Toddler – Sunday Times Bestseller!

Dear all! Quite an emotional couple of days in our house.. as we got the call to say that as of this weekend ‘Man vs Toddler’ will be a Sunday Times Bestseller!?

I know. Nuts. Dreams do come true.. not the ones about having a gold-plated car, massive wings and being hung like a Minotaur but.. some dreams.. well, they do.

So THANK YOU. Once again, to every one who has parted with cash for Man vs Toddler. You are royalty, your support is everything and I feel incredibly humbled.(But not too bloody humbled, I’m a two time, Sunday times bestselling author for fucks sake). Matt x

(Cue… all the messages asking me where I got the mug from.. 😂goddammit, focus people.)

Man vs Toddler – Sunday Times Bestseller!
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